Risk-Based Decision Making

In a persistently volatile business environment, effective management of uncertainty can be the difference between success and failure.

Properly embedding risk into governance arrangements, planning processes and organizational culture helps to preserve corporate value and underpin sustainable growth. The Global Risk Center analyzes innovative practices to help leaders navigate increasingly complex business and operating environments in real time.

Effective management of earnings volatility and mitigation of key risks is not just a competitive advantage.  In some cases, it is a matter of business survival.

New Thinking

How Is Globalization Changing Corporate Boards?

Companies are increasingly encountering global opportunities and risks, but globalization has yet to permeate the boardroom itself; most boards of directors are not as geographically diverse as the companies they represent.

Interviews with nearly 30 directors highlight the geopolitical, regulatory, legal, and compliance complexities that come with expanded global operations. These governance demands are changing boards in three ways: overall composition, processes, and director skill sets.  


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Diverse Skills and Experiences Needed

In a marketplace that is increasingly global and connected, companies must “think globally and act locally.” Directors with international experiences and sensibilities are vital for organizations’ ability to identify and assess risks — and connect with customers and talent — around the world. Read more for insights from leading global directors.


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Broadening Horizons?

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